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CORAYVAC  Continuous Infrared Heating System

Gas-Fired, Continuous Infrared Heating System.

Roberts-Gordon LLC pioneered the low-intensity, infrared tube heat industry with the introduction of CORAYVAC®. The vacuum operated, burners-in series design of CORAYVAC® combined with its ability to be designed to condense has made it an energy efficient system for years.

Now, Roberts-Gordon LLC, an industry leader, further separates itself from the competition with our breakthrough modulating technology to provide the most energy efficient products in the infrared industry. Even though the continuous CORAYVAC® system is an excellent way to maximize heat distribution, by modulating CORAYVAC® burners with ULTRAVAC, the system can be designed to virtually eliminate hot spots and provide the utmost in comfort. The combination of gentle, even heat results in the most efficient and effective gas-fired, low-intensity, infrared heating system in the industry today.

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With our high quality CORAYVAC® gas-fired, low-intensity, infrared heaters and heating products, Roberts-Gordon can address many heating needs. Additional products offered by Roberts-Gordon LLC include: make up air units, direct-fired systems, indirect-fired systems, roof top units, air turnover units, air handling units, warm air (forced air) unit heaters and low-intensity, radiant heaters (a.k.a. tube, stick, unitary heaters).

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